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AKS Uprated 165/175 Bar Fuel Pressure Return Valve (FPRV)


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Current OEM rail valves crack at 116 bar and 125 bar, where these ones crack at 165 bar or 175 bar depending on your choice.

Why do you need a Performance Rail Valve?

  1. The OEM rail valve cracks and leaks fuel if you are running more fuel pressure than that of the OEM unit.
  2. This leaking fuel pressure is heated fuel, heated fuel is never good or used for performance applications.
  3. Running over the OEM crack pressure will cause inconsistencies with your tune, the constant opening and closing of the OEM rail valve will cause fuel pressure “flutter”.
  4. Better atomization, the fuel getting injected into your car is cooler with better atomization than that of the stock valve.
  5. Last… it’s a must to have the proper parts to support the proper fueling for your application.  Don’t run a tune with a commanded fuel pressure of 130 bar, with a crack pressure below that!

If you want to push your hybrid or big turbo, the 165/175 bar FPRV will add up to 100 HP of additional fueling you must have the ability to adjust your commanded fuel pressure to 149 bar.

All PRV’s come with a 1 Year Warranty against manufacturing defects. This does not cover consequential damage or labour.

Periodic testing on the valves is recommended.